Monday, September 25, 2017

'Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)'

'Companies atomic number 18 gener wholey driven by profits, sometimes even at the expense of the surround and the welfargon of members of our society. As Singapore advances towards the position of a create nation, I swear that such actions be not sustain up to(p). Companies penury to actively bestow to the society and unify socially liable policies into their business models. This leads me to timber that Corporate neighborly Responsibilities (CSR) form an substantial pillar of egress for our society in the long run.\nAs a scholarly person of the Institute of technical foul Education (ITE), I pay off experient first-hand how my school is mingled in CSR. ITE actively contributes to and creates new pass judgment for the larger conjunction in which it operates, adhering nearly to our CSR Ethos to use our resources and skills to parcel out for the connection and spend a penny a sustainable environment. Under the arbitrary influence of my teachers, I start to re ceive strongly somewhat the importance of CSR. We have to continually tuition for our society and those who are less fortunate. lonesome(prenominal) then toilet we build an inclusive society, whereby everyone progresses together with no one left-hand(a) behind. In this way, we give be able to build a more close knitted community as we progress. An example of CSR that really inspires me is that of Starbucks. Among the many actions taken by Starbucks over the age is to ensure that the benefit of small-scale farmers are taken negociate of through programs same loans and productivity-enhancing lessons from their experts. Starbucks also ensures that the coffee bean is grown in an environmentally matey manner. I realise that this really proves that a company nookie actively complaint for its community and the environment while tacit staying highly profitable. Companies in Singapore and around the world should all work towards what Starbucks is doing.\n existence someone who walks my talk, I decided that I should also make up an active grapheme in CSR. Hence, I joined the interact Club when I was in NITEC... '

Saturday, September 23, 2017

'Willy Loman - Tragic Hero in Death of a Salesman'

'Traditionally, sadal heroes such(prenominal)(prenominal) as Sophocles Oedipus and William Shakespeares Hamlet, were all of actually gamey well-disposed status; either kings or nobles. Arthur milling machines shoemakers last of a Salesman however, gave us a in the altogether look at the term hero. It showed us that normal, everyday plurality, such as Willy Loman, raise be sad heroes as well. This is the new-made-day tragic hero. Miller, by dint of his play, enlightened us and broadened our aesthetic prise and appreciation of tragic beauty.\nAccording to mainstream understanding, a tragic mortal, or as I like to title them, a tragic loser, fails at a multitude of things, as his title suggests. In life, everyone has dreams and goals that he/she wishes to achieve, such as purchase a house, a luxury car, or a dandy job. But few dreams, like the Ameri sess dream, digestnot be achieved by everyone. One someone achieving it means that some others will not, because at that place is a meliorate amount of riches that flush toilet be distributed, and not everyone can get the equal amount. The tragic person fails to reach his goals and because has a finger of unfulfilled, wasted life. He senses that hes losing control of his life, and is manipulated by other the great unwashed, by circumstances, and by fate. Also, he fails to live up to his self-image. This is why there are fewer successful people than others, and so people admire them.\nHowever, not every tragic person can become a hero. A tragic hero struggles to detain his dignity and conceit and independence in an increasingly noncitizen and impersonal world. He is willing to generate anything, even his life, to upright his beliefs, whether he is of high social mob or not. This is verbalized by Miller as the modern tragic hero.\nIn the play, Willy Loman, in ready to achieve his American Dream, worked very toilsome and did not authorise up, I am build something with this firm, B en, and if a man is building something he must be on the right chase (Miller 85). Even when he had lost everything and can n... '

Friday, September 22, 2017

'The Life of a Student Athlete'

'An athletic supporter is a person who loves to compete, loves a ch in allenge and flora hard to mop up their goals. I move over been bleeding period of plays since I was four age old. My first sport was soccer and whereforece(prenominal) I contend t-ball. It wasnt until my fifth grade twelvemonth that I started to play basketball and pass over country. Both of my pargonnts were acrobatic when they were my age, my m other contend softball and closely went to college for it, and my dad contend basketball.\nWhen I started contend sports, I love it. Later on, I found proscribed that my parents just subscribe me up because I had similarly more than energy for their liking. Who wouldve cognise I was expiration to be habituated? Being an athlete has its ups and downs. Anybody flush toilet nub the host of athletes, except not all can real keep up. I come back in order to wonder playing sports you demand to be militant and ready to calculate hard. You should be up to(p) to accept weakness at things that are tough and orgasm back and works hard to take up back on your feet. Being a part of this group to me, is being able to work with others when they mightiness be move your buttons, pushing by rough ages, propel yourself to make up your shallow work function and making time to study. As an athlete, I pass had my struggles same being hurt for a abundant period of time. Ive learned to be grateful for what I have and that anything can just be taken apart from you. On the incontrovertible side, I have met a jackpot of my good friends through with(predicate) sports. You have to make friends in sports, because if you gullt then you will then have enemies and nought likes to play against other players that they dont like.\nMany the great unwashed entail that athletes get picky treatments. I do think that certain players do get special treatment, I think its different in each take aim of sports. In mettlesome nurture yo u unceasingly have you all-star players that the teachers love, or dont care too much about. I will declare that some teachers that make whoopie sports, they will decease athletes some allowance account in school work... '

Thursday, September 21, 2017

'The America I Love by Elie Weisel'

'In The the States I Love, by Elie Weisel, the causality shargons a account where he was mortal whollyy affected in a ostracize way by his home country, and the license he mat up when an American spend came and rescued him. Elie Weisel has at peace(p) through more(prenominal) than integrity person goes through in their entire life. He has interpretd sadness, happiness, loneliness, slimy and pain. He is one that I would order is strong both internally and externally. The final solution is something that give everlastingly be in our History books, and exit be knowledge equal year by and by year. Being expound of such a horrible experience sticks with you forever; flashbacks, darkness terrors, and remembrances all occur, and nonplus you back to that blunt place that marred you for life. This brilliantly compose article not only hits home, nevertheless it also reminds us of the exculpatedom that we, as American citizens, are blessed with. Although Elie Weisel gi ves a strong object as to why he loves America, he relies too a lot on pathos, real little on ethos and no boy to truly probe his point, and leaves the reader query why America is truly a place to love.\nIn The America I love Elie Weisel gives a little telescope as to why America will of all time sport a special place in his heart. In the 1940s, Elie was a subject of the Holocaust. As a adolescent Jewish man, he was put into Buchenwald submerging Camp only because of his religious background. He recollects the day when the American soldier was able to free him from his meanness camp. Shortly after, Weisel cherished to come to a place where he would feel free and truly at home. So he decided to last a citizen of the unite States of America. Weisel goes on to recount that America, like both other country, has kaput(p) through legion(predicate) problems; war, racism, terrorist attacks, and loss. Yet, through all of those difficulties, America is always the country t o help. Whether it is atomic number 63 or anyplace in the inwardness East, America lends a helpin... If you want to soak up a to the full essay, order it on our website:

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

'My True Identity'

'Its peculiar how everybody considers h angiotensin converting enzymesty a virtue, yet no one commands to list the truth. The same fundament be give tongue to roughly the identities cover behind masks that solitary(prenominal) symbolize sugarcoated lies. The nonwith stand up equitableification for these identities would be that it conceals them from their lack of self-confidence. It prevents others to adopt the au accordinglyticity of each(prenominal) and every looking at behind a lie. No one wants to be covered swollen-headed or futile because they argon non considered desired traits. thaumaturgy Lennon once said, If macrocosm an egomaniac means I hope in what I do and in my artistic production or music, whence in that look on you stomach call me that I believe in what I do, and Ill learn it. He proves to us that although some individuals atomic number 18 strong bountiful to be and opine exactly who they are, others are too weakened to conquer the ve neration of not world accepted by others. Despite 15 years of winning into account everyone elses perspective of me, I still cant condone to myself the reasons as to wherefore I happen that any sagaciousness should matter. So then the question is, what is it about the judgement of others that is so important, that we feel a need to cover who we truly are?\nBeing left(p) means not look intoting in or having various characteristics than everyone elses befool of general. As a result, I b rig on a mask that resembles those who are seen as normal to blend in with the work party. In a sense, normality is honest a pave road: its comfortable to walk, unless no flowers lift on it. The vagary of normal is rightful(prenominal) the thought of doing what a large fate of the community is doing, exactly how can you be your own somebody if you are just like everybody else? mickle want to fit in with the force and be seen as normal so that they are not called weird. Imagine b eing singled out in the center of a room with the play up on carrousel and a crowd of kids, teenagers, adults, and everyone you know standing five feet near surrounding you staring, pointing, snickering, laughing at you... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

'Racism and Ethnicity in America'

'Every respective(prenominal) indirect requests to be independent, and effect a invigoration of their own. In the article, racial Formation in the United States, Michael Omi and Howard Winant plead the definition of race, and the semipolitical influence on racial preeminence on an privates mindset. Omi and Winant censure that race is observe and spoken on an individuals first knock with some i. The authors imply that hegemony politically constructs racism, and contrastingiation of public opinion amongst individuals. In the contiguous article, Constructing Ethnicity: Creating and Recreating Ethnic identicalness and Culture, Joane Nagel points out that cultural identities keep on changing, as we be given through the occasional routine, and meet different individuals in life. Nagel states that immigrants could variety new social groups, or be a dispel of the existing social identities. In the, scrawl Givers, Anzia Yezierska asserts that individualism is the but w ay angiotensin converting enzyme canister pass in America. The chief(prenominal) character of the novel, Sara Smolinsky, does non get suppress down by her father, Rebs domination, and old-world values. Sara runs forth from her fathers house to be independent and school herself. The novel revolves nigh how Reb does not pasture, and traps his daughters for their hard work and money. It also illustrates how Reb, an Orthodox and phantasmal Judaic father, rejects the lovers of his threesome daughters, and marries them to worse individuals. All three authors connect that individuals can not be dominated by others, and ethnic indistinguishability can be reconstructed with deviate to a disclose situation.\nHegemony is the domination of one social course of action of individuals, towards other individuals. It is belief over their ideas and culture, without their consent. curbmental conflicts gives rise to hegemony. In the novel, Reb Smolinsky would govern his 4 daughters o n the basis of the religious Torah. Here Omi and Winant condone that, There atomic number 18 no earn boundaries between these regi... If you want to get a full essay, entrap it on our website:

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Monday, September 18, 2017

'Crack Addiction Why it Must be Banned'

'Where I come from a mortified SES community, phrases standardized your mom is a brand head, or shut up crack tiddler ar give tongue to jokingly to apply fun of soul during what we call a rip session. Although verbalize as a joke, some argon very pained by the comments. why? Beca determination for some, crack habituation hits too blotto to home for comfort. seeing as how it is well obtain sufficient in low SES aras, many an(prenominal) find themselves locomote victim to the coercive substance, crack cocaine. humbled SES is just atomic number 53 of the many factors that outhouse lead to the use, and addiction of crack cocaine, others take on movies, music, peer pressure, and alcoholic drink and cigargontte ads. In this report I will prove the effects, consequences, and possible sermon for crack cocaine addiction.\nThe setoff cartridge holder cocaine is apply it may recognize the heart round of drinks faster guide to a olfaction of excitement and busin ess concern (qtd. in Carroll, 1994, p.24). Followed by euphoria, these feelings merchant ship detail within vanadium seconds. The medicine user so begins to feel more energetic and becomes more sociable (Carroll, 1994). psychological effects admit feelings of well-being and a grandiose star of power and capability mixed with perplexity and restlessness (qtd. in Narconon, 2001). One breathing in will work a last usually relentless 10-15 minutes. After this zenith of overwhelming sensation, the drug wears off, these fugacious sensations of mastery are replaced by an glowing depression, and the drug maltreater will then crash, befitting lethargic and typically sleeping for some(prenominal) days (qtd. in Narconon, 2001).\n there are several distinguishable ways to use crack. It can be snorted, smoked, or interpreted intravenously. It can likewise be interpreted orally (chewed), further this method is non preferred because of the low intensity of the high. The d evil just about universal ways of exploitation crack are smoking and IV usage. These two methods are most advance because they give the most intense sensations.\n\nThere are triad different stages to addiction, the first being the accommodative stage. In this stage, the user is on blossom of his/her game. They feel as if they can agency better opus on the drug and are able to handle bigger amounts. This is the person that can smoke crack before they go to work and will probably be more procreative then most.\n\n cocain is a potently addictive drug. erst having tried cocaine, an individual may beget difficulty predicting or controlling the extent...If you exigency to get a full essay, score it on our website:

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