Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Profits in Caviar Cartel

In the 1970s, however, the majority with the members (and individuals which controlled the largest share of oil) had a single result in which they could support--antiIsraeli sentiment. The cartel raised costs and revenues on the Middle East (and other) member nations increased significantly. But the cartel's achievement was short-lived. The war among Iran and Iraq presented strong incentive for these a couple of members to cheat in that they could use the revenues from increased production to fund the war they had been fighting against each other. In addition, whilst OPEC controlled a important market share of oil, the upward cost pressure produced it profitable for other interests to explore oil reserves which had previously been untapped.

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This expanded the marketplace and reduced the reliance of nonOPEC states over a cartel. The case during the caviar cartel is similar. Under the former Soviet Union, one region (the Soviet Union) received the benefit in the cartel behavior (Iran also benefited but is also regarded a passive member with the cartel). After the Soviet Union broke apart, a couple of independent republics controlled the flow of caviar, and they both had economic benefit being realized from cheating. This benefit was limited on the short-term, due to the fact the resultant cheating drove costs down, but the requirements from the republics were also short-term needs. The experience with the caviar cartel demonstrates that industry forces will often bring about the end of a cartel withou t federal government interference (which may be the preferred way of handling cartels within the United States), but successful cartels might exist for years or even decades previous to these industry forces is also brought to bear.

Given that taste is definitely 1 from the primary reasons behind the popularity--even at high prices--of this type of caviar, it stands to reason that if the price continues to fall, buyers will likely be drawn from other types of caviar to sturgeon. A single with the reasons how the cartel's strategy succeeded for as long since it did was that other forms of caviar are regarded sufficiently inferior to render them useless as substitute goods for sturgeon.

Thus if the price of sturgeon caviar continues to fall, demand for other forms of caviar will also fall as customers shift from non-sturgeon caviar to sturgeon caviar. Another issue that producers of non-sturgeon caviar will face is that of downward cost pressure in response to lower demand. Faced with competing sturgeon caviar, producers may possibly must lower their own prices in order to remain attractive to former consumers, and to attract shoppers who may well otherwise forego caviar consumption altogether. It is possibly that if the case continues for some period of time, producers of nonsturgeon caviar would be forced out of corporation as a result of the dropoff in revenue.

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