Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Relationship between Women and the Mass Media

Numerous factors had been given for this, plus a growing number of young single women searching for their first jobs, newly divorced women with little or no money from their former husbands, women whose husbands did not earn ample so that the loved ones required a second salary, and women from greater cash families who had a desire for broader horizons like a main reason for working. Also cited for this rise was the liberation of young wives in the 1960s with economic liberation and highly effective birth control ways (Lindsey, 1977, 139-140).

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Television does not sell gender roles the way it sells viewers to advertisers or soap to viewers. Gender is inherent during the way men and women are portrayed on television, and these roles have changed over the course of television history. In a broad sense, they've changed to reflect shifts in gender roles in society at large, but at the exact same time, it's believed that television's portrayals have helped to shape people roles and continue to perform so. Inside 1950s, the nuclear household was extensively represented in situation comedy, though in modern day television programming, divided families, single-parent families, and non-traditional families vie of the nuclear family for television time. Gender is also represented inside the advertising, which are a greater problem.

The realization with the undesirable components of their regular becomes evident much earlier to girls than to boys, who are much less probably to perceive that society has limited their options in what they may possibly become. The clear message girls receive--that theirs is the a smaller amount desirable sex--renders the sex-role standard, as well as sex-stereotyping, a far more negative experience for them than for their male peers (LaRose and Frost, 1981, 8).

One learn finds numerous sources of gender stereotypes for young children on television. Posts analysis shows that you can find far a smaller amount females than males inside the globe of television, with males filling among 66 and 75 percent of all roles. In terms of formal occupational roles, males are generally utilized and appreciate extremely prestigious positions such as doctors, lawyers, and law enforcement officials, though women are assigned marital, romantic, and loved ones roles. On children's Saturday morning television, there is a greater diversity of male jobs, with 42 various male work and only 9 several female work in a 1974 survey. TV males are portrayed as more powerful, dominant, aggressive, stable, persistent, rational, and intelligent than females, whilst females are far more attractive, altruistic, sociable, warm, sympathetic, happy, rule abiding, peaceful, and youthful than males. An analysis of sex roles in television commercials in 1974 concluded that women had been inaccurately presented as sex objects and rarely as professionals. Males were presented as worldly, dominant authority figures, whilst femal.

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