Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ccd Case

1. Describe ccds business model and business strategy. What challenges it build out have to face if it goes for expansion? CCD is a basically a Fastest growing retail chain of coffee beans and powderise retail mercantile establishments. It is Indias premium retail outlets chain for coffee and its cafes with over 661 cafes in total. (Expected to be 900 at the yeargonnd). They atomic number 18 preparation to develop their business with join on the items in the poster and excessively providing the more items. And they be now planning to go for QSR (quick service restaurants/café). The biggest problem they face is the argument with the existing pie-eyed like barrista and as well as the technical decompose is that they have to be stronger in their agreements so that the customer rejoicing is high. They want to uphold their small town business of their franchises. And also the growth promoter in this economy meltdown is also important. 2. What system high soci ety use or plan to use to overcome the challenges? The friendship is planned to start with the promising handling devices which enable the hosts to crawl in which item is useable and which are not. Sit will process to litigate come apart. Hey are also plan to have a system where the waiter has to just punch the set out on a labor organizer and it will reach to the chef as a wi fi network frame-up they are planning to have at their outlets and it will friend to save time of the waiter and they finish be better utilize by the ccd as they bear less of them to serve better to many. So these are the system changes they are planning to adopt at their each outlet in India. 3. Do you think CCD is going to achievement in their expansion at nationwide? Yes they might get success because mainly their systems are very nice and they are laborious to remedy on it. They provide their waiters a wifi committed palmtop which have a system of printing the bills and scan the fl yer also to grow the bill. Also they are tr! ying to improve on nest egg the time of the consumers and also provide them dissolve wi fi network so it will help...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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