Friday, February 7, 2014


? New Vocabulary: * Glossary * index * summarize * restore * entry word * guide speech communication *definition *organize *topic * arrest *review *dictionary * Graphic organizer ************************************* Dialogue communicate the scatty words in this dialogue with the suitable words: Omar : I really need to cleanse my side of meat. Nour : So, What you .. to do? Omar : Im planning to lop really hard this year. Nour : How? Omar : Im waiver to stories and ..... them, Im going to ....... some . Programs and ................... face more often. -------------- General Questions 1-How many units atomic number 18 there in your English book? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2- Why is English language measurable? ---------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3- What are the dictionary skills? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4- How can you improve your English? (2 slipway only) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ? Grammar: A) Use going to to form eff sentences: 1- He / charter She / eat _______________________ 2- _____________________ B ) Choose the separate word: 1- I am going to (study studies studying) for the exam tomorrow. 2- He is (visiti ng visit visited) his...If you desire to ! get a full essay, enjoin it on our website:

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