Thursday, October 18, 2012

Analysis on Toyota Strategic Choices

Today, the black-and-white division--nicknamed Team Zebra--is 1 of Kodak's leading firm units in merchandise quality, customer satisfaction and overall operating efficiency (Team Zebra, 1994, p. 57). By adopting a team-oriented approach, the employees increased on-time delivery rates to 95 percent. In addition, they were able to cut inventories in half inside first 2 years after the reorganization, saving the company a total of $50 million. They also reduced waste by 75 percent and generated $40 million in price reductions within the first two years without the need of reducing the amount of merchandise produced. In fact, they increased productivity by 15 to 20 percent each year (Team Zebra, 1994, p. 57).

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To meet the challenge given it by the parent company, the black-and-white film division led by a 15-member managerial team and the 1,500 employees reengineered their workplace from a traditional manufacturing method organized by functions to a team-driven program organized by jobs flow (Team Zebra, 1994, p. 57).

In addition to employee review, however, management also require some program for monitoring performance. Each jobs group must establish measures that monitor quality, productivity and compliance. Rigg argues that with this kind of objective measures in place, the span of manage is also widened and the need for daily manage and the burden on management will be reduced (1992, p 12). The jobs group itself can monitor person performance internally and the team-oriented mindset can trigger a flexible work force that's far better suited to a complex, fast changing, and competitive business environment that demands that employees perform and lead like never before (LeBlanc & McInerney, 1994, p. 76). These kinds of team jobs is often a necessary thing in successful organization practices today. The diversity of experiences and broad business and industry perspective required of today's leaders can't be obtained by progressing up the narrow occupational employment ladders of yesterday. Team work dismantles the conventional structure and enables workers to discover more.

Function for itself" mentality generated by the previous hierarchical structure and outlined by Rigg from the introduction and instead made a seamless technique in the manufacture of film and paper from raw materials at a single end towards finished solutions at another (Team Zebra, 1994, p. 57).

However, changing to an empowered, team-based organization required transforming the organization's culture as well as structure and also the employees' mindset.






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