Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Review: The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870—1914.

The Path In between the Seas: The Creation in the Panama Canal, 1870—1914.

In this book, David McCullough talks within the contributions of some folks in history, and also the science of understanding yellow fever. He also discusses how these people influenced the building in the Panama Canal, and the engineering and firm that made the canal. It is a fascinating and mythological account of history, engineering and determination.

About the Author

David McCullough has written six extensively acclaimed works of history and biography: The Path Between the Seas, an epic chronicle of the creation in the Panama Canal; The Johnstown Flood; Brave Companions, essays on heroic figures past and present; Mornings on Horseback, the life of young Theodore Roosevelt; The Excellent Bridge, the story from the building from the Brooklyn Bridge; and Truman. He was born in 1933 in Pittsburgh, and had his education at Yale. He has written reviews and essays that have appeared during the New York Times Magazine, Life, The New Republic, Audubon, Smithsonian, and American Heritage. He has also taught at the Wesleyan University Writers' Conference and at Cornell. He was the President, Society of American Historians, won the Public Library's Literary Lion Award in New York, and he holds honorary degrees both in engineering and humanities. He was the host with the award-winning PBS series, "The American Experience," and also narrated documentaries over a Civil War and LBJ.
The book “The Path Among the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870—1914.” can also be divided into Three sections, the first being the vision (1870-1894), the second section being about the ‘stars and stripes forever’ (1890-1904), and lastly, ‘the builders’ (1904-1914). McCullough also describes de Lesseps’ Suez Canal triumph, the French national self-image, the planning and financing in the Panama Canal, and its failure under the French, in the first section. The author discusses President Roosevelt’s interest during the Panama Canal during the second section of the book, and also the United States’ negotiations on the Columbians as well as the French within the place with the canal’s path, America’s rights on the issue, as well as the revolution in Panama, which produced the division in between Columbia as well as the Republic of Panama. The third section shows that the Canal was produced following the united states assumed responsibility to your Canal.
On a 31st of December 1999, following almost 1 century of rule, The us finally turned the Panama Canal more than towards the Panamanians. within the middle on the 19th century, as soon as Europeans very first began trying to produce a link among the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, The nation of Panama did not exist. Panama was then a small, remote part of Colombia.
David McCullough noticed that the situation changed in 1848, as soon as gold was discovered in California. Fortune seekers arrived on the scene, from a number of parts of the world, trying to find passage to California and also the Panama Railroad that was manufactured for that purpose, was soon the highest-priced stock listed on a New York Exchange. To some investors, building a extended ship canal to replace the railroad seemed a easy job, but as the author of this book notes, the construction project was later to involve more than they had expected. The genuine construction in the canal was significantly harder than the construction from the Suez Canal, which was started by a French company in 1881, and completed by the us in 1914.
The book takes the reader over a spectacular journey through history and depicts how the Panama Canal, that is one on the marvels from the modern world, was created and the driving own and political forces that had been behind the construction with the Canal. It also talks within the sacrifices created by many men and women of diverse nationality, to generate the construction on the Canal possible.
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